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RIP Elena Baltacha

May 6, 2014

It’s unusual to hear about PSC in the news, and even weirder to hear about it while in hospital. I’d heard that Elena Baltacha’s cancer was a result of PSC, but didn’t expect her death to come so quickly. I found out she died today, when a patient mentioned it to a nurse.

It’s weird.. People die of all sorts of things on a daily basis, and PSC isn’t too bad a disease to have, so I haven’t worried about my own mortality too much. I didn’t know duct cancer was 1 in 10, though. That’s a bit scary!  But what can I do? Other than hassle doctors for checkups, not much. Worrying would be futile, so the best I can do is enjoy life as much as I can.  Frankly, everyone should be doing that, coz death could come at any time.

Having said that, I’m still stuck in hospital, and I’m not having a whole lot of fun. The scan’s due on Thursday, so maybe I’ll be out soon, and allowed to try and cheat death while cycling instead!


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